Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hayagriva Salagrama

The Hayagriva-murti-salagrama has the form of a ripe jambu-fruit (rose apple, Eugenia Jambolana), with a face in the shape of an elephant god; it has also longish spots on its body. Lord Hayagriva's chakra that is revealed by separating the two halves, left and right.

Sudarsana Salagrama

Sudarsana-murti-salagrama is round in shape or sometimes oval; there is a single chakra seen at the aperture; and there are spots on the body of the stone.

Kalki Deva Salagrama

The Kalki-murti-salagrama is recognized by the line-markings resembling a horse, and the weapon called Kunta (lance). It is white in colour, and has a long mouth. In Salagrama kosha it is mentioned that a Salagrama resembling a horse's head can be identified as Kalki.

Nrsimhadeva Salagrama

The Narasimha-salagrama has an elongated mouth, tawny-hued, a longish chakra and a big belly (viz. Middle portion). This stone is suitable for worship by ascetics. The Lakshmi-Narasimha-salagrama has a chakra on its left side, is black in colour and has spots (viz. Dots). Its worship makes for worldly prosperity as well as emancipation

Kurma Deva Salagrama

This is Sarva Kaama Kurma - wish fulfilling Kurma. He too is very rare and there's a sketch of this form in the Salagram kosha book, telling readers what to look for. Well look no further here He is. The Maha-kurma-murti-salagrama is round, shaped like a tortoise, and has marks of vanamala, lotus and discus; its colour is green (viz. Of tree Butea ftrondosa); and it has golden spots.

Varaha Deva Salagrama

The Varaha-murti-salagrama is long-mouthed, is blue-black in colour, has an encircling mark of earth, and is distinguished by a shining chakra at the opening. We can see the chakra on the end of His nose; the bobble represents Bhumidevi whom He rescued from the bottom of the ocean

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Santana Gopal Salagrama

Santana-Gopala-Murti-salagrama has marks of cudgel and horn (which cowherds carry) on its sides, and at the head position can be seen the mark of a flute. The worship of this stone ensures progeny. This stone is blue in colour and elongated in shape; it has an aperture that resembles the elephant-goad, a chakra.

Sanatana Gopala is the Sila that women approach to conceive, He's cute and fetus like. In the reverse side of Sanatana Gopala is His chakra.